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Office Organizing: Part 5 – Projects

by Angela On March 3, 2012

<Pictured above Chalkboard Box from CB2>

Projects!  Just when you finish one another one or two or three seem to pop up.  This is one of the biggest areas I see people struggle with.  One of the biggest challenges with projects is that they are not one size fits all.  So what do you do with the books and literature you are reading and researching on your child’s education, parenting, food and meal planning?  What about those big bulky things like a craft projects, school projects, and holiday projects?  Let’s look at some ideas.  Pictured above is a really GREAT container that would be perfect for holding projects.  You could use this to hold one big project like a craft project while you are not working on it or add file folders to hold literature for multiple projects you are working on.


The picture above from BHG is one of my favorite office set ups.  There are just so many great things going on this this office.  As for projects the wire baskets on the top shelf are perfect for current projects.  The baskets behind the top of the chair and at the foot of the chair would also be perfect for holding current projects.  One of the keys is to keep them really close at hand so it’s easy to get them when you need them while giving them a place to keep all the pieces and components together.

I found the picture above on The Story of Home blog.  In the photo there are some great storage containers but what I want to point out for projects is the magazine holders.  In Part 4 of this series Literature Storage I showed you some examples of great magazine holders.   Magazine holders are perfect for projects because they are small and hold a ton of paper and magazines and can easily sit on your desk or counter.  This will keep you from having piles everywhere and you can grab the box and tote it around from room to room if needed.

This bookshelf desk in a craft room from This Is Me Inspired is showing another way that even a crafter can be organized.  I love the containers on the side.  These are perfect for holding all the scraps and pieces from any current projects.  Love it.

There you have it, go find some great containers or make some great containers for your own “projects”.

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