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NAPO Conference Products

by Angela On March 22, 2012

This week I am at the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) Conference & Expo and am seeing SO many cool and fabulous products!  I can hardly contain (no pun intended) myself to write this post!

Just to give you a little taste of what I have seen here is one of the most unique products I have seen today.  You can see a video of me deomonstraiting how this products works on the POSH Space Facebook page.

These Bento containers from Rubbermaid are SO amazing!  They have small flaps at each corner that you can flip out to create compartments inside your boxes.

Pictured above is a container with all the internal dividers flipped open.  If you need just a box with no internal dividers you can simply flip the thin walls back in!  It’s like magic!

These containers will just be arrive at Target stores this week!!!  You can find them now online at Macy’s.

Visit the POSH Space Facebook page to watch a video of me showing how the Bento works!

Keep checking our Facebook page and blog for more fun products coming soon!

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