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Dream Closet – Khloe and Lamar

by Angela On March 9, 2012

{Photo from Become Gorgeous}

That’s right this is a double dream closet post!  Call it a his and hers.  Today we will be looking at Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom’s closets.  Of course Khloe’s closet is fit for a Kardashian but when I saw Lamar’s closet, I was in organizing heaven!

Khloe’s closet is a lovely, fresh, feminine white with that gorgeous chandelier.  You can see the shelves at the top are just the right size for her expansive collection of handbags.  Notice how she has them separated by having the small ones on the bottom shelf and the large bags on the top shelf.

{Photo from Become Gorgeous}

Ooooh!!!  Check out the shoe storage!  Notice how each pair has one shoe facing forward and one facing back.  This is a fabulous insider space saving secret!!!  Why?  Typically the fronts of shoes are wider than the backs so when you store a pair of shoes facing the same direction they will take up more space.  Try storing your shoes like this to save a little room in your closet. Did you notice how the shoes are also organized by color?  Love it!