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Dream Closet: Gayle King

by Angela On March 2, 2012

<Images from March 2012 O Magazine>

It’s good to be King, Gayle King that is!  In the March issue of “O” The Oprah Magazine Oprah’s BFF Gayle King experiences her own closet clutter clearing. Gayle King has a closet most people would drool over, but it was overflowing and Gayle wasn’t able to find what she wanted.

So Gayle reluctantly bit the bullet, so to speak, and culled through her closet to reveal it’s hidden beauty and make getting ready on a busy morning much easier.  Above you can see the “Before” picture showing how Gayle’s closet had little order.  In the “After” photo you can tell that the close are not as cramped and of course they are color coded! Ahh…much better.

In this set of photos you can see how they removed the leaning tower of sweats and t-shirts (is that a wig on the bottom shelf)?  The folded items are moved to drawers and replaced by handbags.

Overall I would give Gayle’s refreshed closet an A+.  It is bright and sunny and has tons of hanging space, drawers, and shelves, it’s the perfect combination.  If you want to see Gayle’s entire closet makeover and read about Gayle’s struggle with decluttering be sure to pick up the March issue of O Magazine.

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