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Dream Closet – Christina Aguilera

by Angela On March 30, 2012

{Photo above from Apartment Therapy}

Well color me pink Christina Aguilera’s closet is a shoe lovers paradise! Let’s dig a little deeper into Christina’s closet with The Good, The Bad, and The Reality.

The Good

If you can read the note on the side of the photo above Christina, it says she groups her shoes by designer! Honestly I never would have thought about that, but what I like about that statement is that you do NOT have to group your shoes by color if that is not how you think about them.  Group them in a way that makes sense to you.  So when you need to find the exact pair it will be easy.  Way to go Christina!

The ladder. Goodness what a smart idea.  There are few people out there who can actually reach the tip top of their closet so big kudos for Christina for owning this and adding a fun and functional ladder so she can reach each and every pair of shoes she owns.  We should all have a ladder or step stool in or near our closet.

The Bad

Besides that crazy mannequin in the corner there is not much I can say that is bad from an organizers perspective. Okay, maybe just one thing.  I would guess that the vintage suitcase filled with handbags on the floor next to the crazy mannequin is probably a prop for the photo.  But I wouldn’t recommend tossing my handbags randomly into a suitcase or any other container that size.  It’s simply not large enough and you will end up with a  handbag with dented or folded ends and that is the last thing you want when you are getting ready to head out.

The Reality

I am estimating that there are about 300 pairs of shoes and boots in that photo. I don’t know about you, but that is way out of my reality and most of my client’s reality.  As usual with celebrity closets they typically have much more closet “real estate” than the normal person.  Most people simply could not dedicate that much space to shoes.  But we can dream!!!




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