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Dream Closet – Brooke Shields

by Angela On March 23, 2012

Brooke Shields Closet from Architectural Digest

{ Brooke Shields’s closet, from the March 2012 issue of Architectural Digest.}

It’s Friday and that means another Dream Closet feature.  Today we will be looking at the closet of Brooke Shields.

Looking at Brook’s closet I would have to say “nothing comes between Brook and her shoes, nothing”.  (Okay, if you are a child of the 80’s you get that).  Brook’s closet is surprisingly simple with a rustic Americana charm.  This closet has two rows of  shoes on the left hand side of the picture and several  shoe drawers at the bottom of the closet.  The shoes on the left look like they are sitting on a shoe ladder, it reminds me of what we saw in Miley Cyress’ closet in a previous Dream Closet post.

In Brook’s closet I like how there is an actual ladder in this closet.  Remember when things are too difficult to get or put away the less likely you will get them or put them away.  But the ladder makes getting things and putting them away much easier.

My big question regarding this picture of this closet is where are the rest of her clothes?  This must not be her entire closet because surely she has more cloths than what is pictured above.

Simple and sweet.  What do you think about Brooke Shields closet?

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