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Playroom Makeover Part 4 – Dress Up

by Angela On February 4, 2012

Ooh la, la, now that’s what I call a dress up closet!  If you follow my blog you know I’ve been working on my girl’s playroom since before Christmas, so no one will be happier than me (well maybe my husband) when this makeover is complete.  This week I put the finishing touches on the girls dress up closet.  Yes I said dress up closet!!! When I asked my girls back in December what their favorite things to play with, dress up and games were top on their list.  So I got to work creating a dress up area they would love!

The picture above is a really bad before of the closet.  As mentioned in the Playroom Make Over Part 1 –Organizing Stuffed Animals when I stared to actually work on taking the room apart I got so excited about organizing I forgot to stop and take pictures.  We were using the IKEA Trofast which had worked well in our previous house but never fit well here.

One of the biggest complaints the girls had was that EVERYTHING was stuffed into the the large drawers in our old Trofast system and in order to get something they had to pull everything out and make a big mess.  So the first things I did was start adding smaller containers, like the little zebra box I showed you in Part 3 of the makeover,   for all the tiny purses and coin purses.  We also made the hanging rack on the wall with a piece of chair rail moulding and pulls I found at Anthropologie and World Market.

Now instead of digging to the bottom of the bin for dress up shoes they are prominently displayed.

Even the wands have a more magical place to go!

Smaller bins (not too big to prevent too much stuff and overcrowding at the request of my girls) for extra clothes, scarves, and headbands are tucked away neatly with cute labels.

Necklaces; both long and short, now have a place to hang without ending up in a tangled mess. I used the the 3M Command Jewelry Organizing and the Command Key Holder.

The rest of the jewelry stayed in these little IKEA boxes but they got a refresh with ribbon and tags which I added using a hot glue gun.

Have you ever wondered what to do with fairy wings?  I found that using a child’s pant/skirt hanger works best.

Before it was difficult for the girls to find their own clothes and dresses.  I tried to keep my oldest daughter’s clothes towards the back, but that didn’t work.  So this time around they each got their own side of the closet.

Now I have two happy girls who are actually doing a great job keeping their playroom clean!

If you missed any part of the series find them here:  Part 1 Organizing Stuffed Animals, Part 2   Organizing Collections , Part 3 Box Refresh.

See you next wee for Part 5, will it be the final reveal???  Maybe, tune in to see!

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2 Responses to “Playroom Makeover Part 4 – Dress Up”

  1. C G says:

    The sixth photo down looks with the white bins looks like the ones sold The Container Store. Is this where you purchased them?

    • Angela says:

      Hi CG,
      Yes, those are the Brocade Desktop File boxes from Container Store! Isn’t that funny? But they fit really well and keep everything from being stuffed in one big bin, which my girls hated.
      Thanks for the question!

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