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Fun Closet Convention Finds

by Angela On February 23, 2012

<Pictured above Mudroom Built-ins>

What a fun week I had last week, I was a speaker at the Closet & Home Organization Conference and had a chance to check out the vendors at the expo.  So today and over the next few days I’m going to show you a few of the fun things I saw at the expo!

One booth that I had a lot of fun looking at was the Rev-A-Shelf booth.   I was like a kid in a candy store!  This series of pictures is from a mudroom built in they had set up.  In case you are not familiar with Rev-A-Shelf they make TONS of internal pull out shelves, hooks, baskets, Lazy Susan’s, closet organizers and MORE! The picture above is the inside of the center of the mudroom built-ins.  In the top picture, where you see the jackets hanging, that is actually the double doors of a hidden cabinet.  Then viola, this picture reveals what’s behind the hidden doors!

The picture above is from the upper left hand side cabinet (just behind the chalk board where you see the sun shine).  I love the lighting in these cabinets!  What a difference that makes! You can actually see everything!  They show some divided shelving at the top, you could use that to store books or children’s school work.  The baskets beneath the shelf could be personalized for each child.

This is a close up of the drawer that is set up as a charging station for cell phones etc.  Or for any of those husbands who come home and dump their change and business cards out onto a counter, this would serve as a nice place to catch those things.

Last but not least, when you open the door behind the chalkboard on the right hand side of the top photo this is what is revealed.  A slide out basket at the bottom for balls and sports equipment is at the bottom of the cabinet.  The top has pullout belt organizers that are being used to hold hats, gloves, ear muffs, an umbrella, keys, and a leash.  To hold the bat and the pink umbrella they used (this is so funny) an Under Cabinet Wine Bottle Holder.  Obviously they spread the two pieces further apart than you would for a bottle of wine. What a smart idea!

There is also some under cabinet storage and bins that I did not take detailed pictures of but they could hold backpacks, more shoes, more sports equipment etc.  I really like this piece because it really seems to have a TON of storage!  It’s giving me hope and ideas for how I can redo our coat closet, I would love to turn it into something like this!

Did these pictures give you some inspiration?  Leave me a comment below.

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