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Dream Closet – Padma Lakshmi

by Angela On February 10, 2012

In this week’s Dream Closet we are looking behind the closet door of author and Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi.  I’m going to dish up (pun intended) my thought on her closet with The Good, The Bad, and The Reality.  I’m also going to toss in one of my favorite closet must have tips.  Let’s get cooking! (okay, I’ll stop with the cooking puns now!)

The Good
Purses. I really like how they stored her big purses along the top of the closet.  This is a great use of space and the purses are easy to see and grab quickly.

Hangers. Of course I must say I love that all the hangers are matching AND I love that they are wood.  I still think the wooden hanger always delivers a beautiful, clean, and sophisticated look.  A+!

Jewelry. What a fun and gorgeous way to display jewelry and accessories!  I have several posts on jewelry (click here to see one of the recent posts) but I like how in this closet they use a beautiful glass display case to house both jewelry and accessories.  I love when you can display your items like a store would, then it feels like you are shopping in your closet all the time.  Brilliant!

The Bad.
As usual we simply are not seeing enough of the closet!  Surely she doesn’t only own nine pairs of shoes!  Where is her storage for long hanging items like the dress we see?  I would love to see more drawers too.

The Reality
I like how they show a dress displayed hanging from some other hangers.  That’s so funny because so many people do that!  A few years ago I discovered valet rods  and they are a must have in the closet (see photo below).

You can get them from custom closet companies or from a Rev-A-Shelf Dealer.  They come as a fixed rod that you simply attach to a shelf in your closet or in a pull out style.  The pull out style can be pushed back and out of the way when not in use.   I have the pull out style in my closet and purchased it from More Space Place.  They are fairly inexpensive, but SO useful!

I also like the how they stored some of the small purses below the hanging items on the right hand side of the picture.  Again, so many people do this because if you have a small closet you might not have a choice.  By keeping these small purses uniform in color and size they don’t look like a jumbled mess.

Overall, I like how this closet is something just about anyone can have.  Pieces like the beautiful wooden hangers and the lovely display case make this closet an inspiration.
What little changes can you make in your closet this weekend?




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