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Dream Closet: Jonathan Adler’s Barbie Closet

by Angela On February 17, 2012

Barbie’s Dream closet!  This was just too funny to pass up, especially with it being Valentine’s week and we are surrounded in red and pink. I just could not resist posting this.

This is a closet designed by the fun and flashy Jonathan Adler for a temporary Barbie Malibu Dream House. You can see more pictures of the Barbie House at Apartment Therapy and at LAist.

This is really just for fun, so there is really not much constructive I can say.  Usually I give the good, the bad, and the reality of a “Dream Closet” but this one is pretty much 90% unrealistic.

One thing that would be fun to take away from this would be the curtains and valance instead of a curtain door in a kids room.  I love that idea!  Great, so there was one little nugget of usable information.  Other than that, I hope this closet just makes you smile.

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