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Closet Convention Finds 2 – Pink Closet

by Angela On February 28, 2012

Happy Tuesday!  As a special treat to keep you going through the week this week we will have two Dream Closets.  The closet pictured above is Dream Closet #1 and we will also have our normal Dream Closet post on Friday.  As always my intention with this blog is to equip you with TONS of tips and ideas you can use in your own home.  You will probably find that you take bits and pieces from one closet or one post and that’s perfect. Everyone’s organizing styles are different and what works for one person may not work for another.  But when you see something that inspires you, RUN with it!

This closet was just so fun I had to share it with you!  This is yet another fabulously fun closet I saw in the Rev-A-Shelf booth at the Closet Conference and Expo.

As you can see the closet had high gloss white door fronts and the interior was painted an eye catching, jaw dropping PINK!  It was so stunning I can’t even tell you!  What a great idea to bring in the some visual punch with such a bright color.

The corner piece pictured above is called the “Lazy Shoe-Zen” and has five tiers and I believe each tier holds five pairs of shoes.  Are the wheels in your head spinning with ideas yet?

In the photo above you can see a handbag collection displayed on glass lit shelves.  Isn’t it dreamy?  Remember there are several ways to add lighting to your shelves, closets, or cabinets…hmmm…..I think that might inspire a future blog post.

The photo above is showing a pull down closet rod.  I love these, if I could use these in in my daughter’s room I would, but their closet does not have the clearance to pull down the rod.  This is a great way to maximize every inch of space in your closet.  The beauty is that by pulling the rod you bring the clothes down to a level you can reach without having to go back and forth with a ladder.

Last but not least I had to share with you how they matched the paint color to the cloth lined jewelry drawers.  It’s all about the details.  You could get a similar look in your closet by choosing your own bright and bold color scheme.

What was your favorite part of this closet?  Do you like the bold color choice?  Leave a comment below and let me know.

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