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Organizing Stuffed Animals

by Angela On January 12, 2012

With the holidays just behind us you may be wondering “what do I do with all these toys?”!!!  Well, over the next several weeks I will be slowly revealing what I did with my kids toys and playroom.  In late November I started asking my girls slowly if they still played with certain toys.  My oldest has NEVER wanted to get rid of anything, so usually I would sneak a few things out that they never played with.  So I used my 5 step system that I use with clients GREAT.  It was time to start letting my girls make their own decisions and boy was I surprised!!!

In December it was time to get serious!  One day when the girls were at school I pulled out all the stuffed animals from the “stuffed animal hotel” (AKA the IKEA PS Fangst) that they never play with and I gathered ALL the other stuffed animals.

On a side note: I know that storing stuffed animals is a universal problem for SOOOO many people.  It’s probably one of the most frequent questions I get from my clients.  So let me just say the IKEA “stuffed animal hotel” can be a good thing, but in my case (as you can see in the picture above in pink-it’s empty in this picture because I got so excited about organizing that I started emptying it out before I remembered to take a picture of it for you-sorry) it was located in the corner of their playroom closet and was not easy to access.  I think it would be better in a room where the kids could easily reach it.


Then the girls and I sat in the playroom and went one by one “do you want to keep this one?”.  If one of them wanted to keep a stuffed animal we kept it.  To my amazement…they got rid of 33 stuffed animals!  Above was just a few of the animals before we sorted them.


Now that we had reduced our numbers I need to figure out what we were going to do with them.  After looking at what we had left I realized it was mostly small stuffed animals and only a few large ones.


So I decided to re-purpose a hanging shoe bag that really wasn’t working to its best potential.  Now the animals had a new home. We had some extra room at the bottom so I added back some of the items that go with the girls dress up clothes in the closet.

I had already started using this adorable Simply Stashed behind the door organizer for some of my girls Barbie dolls earlier this year so now I added the remaining stuffed animals to the top.

Now Barbie and friends all had a place to hang out!  The great thing was that I asked the girls if they thought this would be a good place for the Barbies?  They said “yes”.  Then I asked them “will it be easy for you to put the Barbies away if this is where we keep them?” and their response was “yes”.  I must admit we actually have about 20 Barbies and at Christmas the girls got a Barbie house, so many of the Barbies are permanently residing there these days.  But, the girls were able to let go of three Barbies to send to their Grandparents houses!  Score for us!

Now my girls space had been transformed! Now they can actually see all their stuffed animals so when they want to play with them they can.  I would guess we will go through them again during the summer.

If you want to learn more about my 5 step GREAT organizing system you can click here to go to my home page to get my no cost 7 part audio series.

Good luck with your kids spaces!


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