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Organizing Collections- Playroom Makeover Part 2

by Angela On January 17, 2012

Last week I brought you PHASE 1 Organizing Stuffed Animals as part of my kids playroom make over.  If you have children, especially children who can say “Yes” and “NO”, then you know that a playroom decluttering and makeover is not something that happens overnight.  In fact my playroom makeover took about 2-3 weeks and now I’m just putting the finishing “décor” touches on it (week 4).  Over the next few weeks I will be revealing the different components of my girl’s playroom makeover.

One thing that I’ve noticed as a Mom and as a Professional Organizer is that kids have collections!  Whether it’s collections of Star Wars figures, Polly Pocket’s, Barbie’s, Hot Wheels cars, you name it.  So there is always a challenge on how to store these collections.  For my girls there were 8 collections that needed to be addressed during our playroom makeover.
The challenge: what do I do with these collections so the kids can still use them and it still looks neat and tidy?

The items were already grouped into categories of: princesses, fairies, cars/vehicles, tiny stuffed animals, Shrek toys, Ice Age toys, Star Wars, and the dreaded “random characters” bin.  Overall 8 categories in 8 different bins, baskets, totes.

The girls went through and got rid of about 20-30 of these tiny action figure style toys that they no longer wanted.  ~Cartwheels!~

I regrouped what was left into the following categories: princesses and fairies, vehicles, random characters and stuffed animals (which NOW was mostly made up of Shrek, Ice Age, and small stuffed animals), and Star Wars.  I was down to 4 categories!  Before: I had many of these things in baskets or bins and some of them were not being used at all, probably because the girls could not see them.  So I decided we needed to find clear acrylic jars that would hold all these tiny treasures.

So now the hunt was on for the right containers.  I started at IKEA with the wonderful Burken Jars.   I was so excited I bought about 4 of the large and 3 of the medium and brought them home.  The largest jar was way too small and the fact that they were glass made me very nervous, so it was back to the drawing board.  I searched the web over and back for “large acrylic jars” and finally found these generically named “Acrylic Jars” from Pottery Barn Kids.  I still had the IKEA jar so I measured the base and then looked at the listed dimensions for the Pottery Barn Kids Jars…I was SHOCKED!  These jars were giant!  They were acrylic!  They were just what I was looking for!  I called my local PBK store and had them put just about all the jars they had left on hold for me.  So that night after dinner I made the 45 minute trek to the mall just days before Christmas.  Call me crazy!

And when I got them home, they were perfect!  I almost cried!  I will admit, these jars even on sale are not cheap.  But I was really glad I could find something that was NOT glass and would hold ALL the toys!

This was so exciting for me because now I felt like we could use all the little toys as part of our décor rather than them being tucked away for no one to see (or play with).  Yea!

I hope this inspires you with your collections!  Post a comment below to let me know what you do!

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2 Responses to “Organizing Collections- Playroom Makeover Part 2”

  1. Michel Hudson says:

    Just curious why you didn’t go with clear tubs instead of jars?

    • Angela says:

      Great question! Yes, in many cases I recommend boxes because they stack. In this case I was trying to use the space on top of a six foot tall book case in a decorative way. I was trying to please the style AND function sides of my brain! Ha! That’s it, more decorative than a clear tub yet just as functional!

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