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Jewelry Organizing Part 4

by Angela On January 25, 2012

Happy organizing! This is the fourth and final post in my Jewelry Organizing Series.  Please click here if you missed Part 1, Part 2, or Part 3.  Today I will be sharing some all-in-one pieces to organize all your baubles and bangles.  Above is a small but mighty jewelry organizer.  As an all in one it has ample room for earrings, short and long necklaces, and rings.  There is not much room for bracelets, but depending on how much you have that might not be a problem.  I could not find where this exact piece came from, but I found two similar ones at Brookstone and  Improvements.  This jewelry box is nice because it is hidden behind a mirror and is small enough it can hang in your closet, bedroom, or bathroom.

Wow!  Can you imagine?!  What a great idea: a jewelry organizer behind a full length mirror in your closet!  Love this, want this look from Weaver Custom Homes.  Remember is you are a DIYer you can recreate this look in your own space!  This has ample hooks for necklaces and the fabulous trays for earrings, bracelets, and accessories.