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Jewelry Organizing Part 3

by Angela On January 18, 2012

Organizing jewelry can really be fun, especially if you incorporate your beautiful jewelry into you decor.  Last week in Jewelry Organizing Part 2 – Necklaces I showed you some creative ways to organize necklaces.  In this post I’m going to show you some creative things you can do to display and organize bracelets and accessories.

Pictured above is a simple wooden crate with two glass bottles used to hold bracelets.  What a fun and eco friendly idea!  If you are worried about the glass bottles falling I would recommend attaching  something to the bottom of the bottles like the 3M Command Frame Stabilizer Strips.  The Command products can typically be removed easily and are not supposed to damage surfaces.  This fun idea comes from Decoratrix.

Another fun idea that anyone can do is paper towel holder re-purposed into a bangle or cuff bracelet holder.  This is nice because you can find paper towel dispensers in many different styles just about anywhere.  You can even use this in a kids room.  I love how easy this is.

In the picture above from Show Me Cute is another example of using fruit, cupcake, or cake stands stacked on top of each other to hold jewelry.  In Jewelry Organizing – Part 1 I showed you another gorgeous example of using stacked stands to hold necklaces, rings and more. Love this idea and so easy to replicate.

Last but not least is the ultimate headband organizer for the DIYer.  Lysssa Beth covered an oatmeal can with two sheets of scrapbook paper and attached it to a candle stick with a hot glue gun.   Instant headband organizer!  The inside of the canister can be used for bows or other hair accessories too.

Next week will be the last post in my Jewelry Organizing series so stay tuned!  As always let me know if you used any of these ideas or how you are organizing your jewelry.

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