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Jewelry Organizing Part 2 – Necklaces

by Angela On January 11, 2012

Isn’t it great how a simple brightly colored necklace can make your entire outfit POP?!  But how do you store all those gorgeous strands of goodness without them looking like a colorful bowl of spaghetti?  This is a common question I hear from client so I have been pursing the web to find loads of gorgeous and creative ideas for you.

The picture above is from blog Flights of Whimsy and is simply gorgeous!  This is an easy DIY project: paint an old frame, attach thin branches to the frame, nail small nails to the branches to hold necklaces.  I like this because it is so easy to use!  All you have to do is take the necklace off it’s individual nail.  You don’t have to take three necklaces off to get to the one you need.  This also makes putting your necklaces away a snap!  When things are easy to put away, you will stay much more organized! You can also visit Flights of Whimsy for more amazing jewelry ideas.

This super quick and easy idea came from blogger This Bird Can Sing.   She used a towel rack with shower curtain hooks to hang and organize her necklaces! This is a great and inexpensive solution with a beautiful result!

This is hands down one of the most creative things I’ve seen in some time.  Ashli from My Mini Manor is amazing and re-purposed cutlery trays to hand jewelry!  Attach wooden trays to a wall and then added hooks to hang necklaces!  She also used the smaller spaces to stack bracelets and other accessories.  You can see more pictures of her amazing makeover on her site, which is one of my new favorite blogs!

Finally, this last picture is a beauty in itself.  The combination of old and rustic with the pearls and gold is yin and yang at it’s best! I found this from Be Different Act Normal.  But practically speaking this rustic rake necklace hanger is such a smart idea!  14 instant necklace holders!  You could probably pick one of these up at a garage sale for $1!

What do you think?  Are you inspired to start organizing some necklaces?  Never fear, I will bring you more jewelry organizing ideas next Wednesday!  Oh and if you missed Jewelry Organizing Part 1 click here.

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