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Dream Closet – Ralph Lauren

by Angela On January 20, 2012

What a treat, to take glimpse inside the closet of one of Americas most well-known fashion designers!  So let’s get down to the good, the bad, and the reality about Ralph Lauren’s closet.

The Good
Let me just say: lights, ottoman, mirrors!  In case you are new to my blog you may not know that I repeatedly talk about the importance of good lighting in a closet, a mirror to see what you look like, and a nice place to sit.  Those are some of my favorite closet must haves.  If your closet isn’t big enough for a stool, bench or chair, that’s okay as long as you have a place nearby to sit down and put on your shoes etc.
I love the boot storage in this closet!  They are using the space above the hanging clothes which can sometimes be underutilized.  Also many people put shoe storage near the floor so this is a little different and I love it.
Luggage stored above.  One of my favorite parts of this closet is how they show the luggage stored above the gorgeous rich closet built-ins.  Now THIS is reality!  Even if the luggage shown in this picture is decorative you can still use this idea in your home!  You could use antiques luggage or decorative boxes to store mementos, keepsakes, off season clothes, or even your old cheerleading outfit!  The options are endless!  Or you could store your actual luggage at the top of the closet too.

The Bad
Well, what can I say bad about Ralph Lauren’s closet?!  The bad is – I wish I saw more of it!  What’s behind those mirrored doors?  Where are all the shoes?  Sure I see lots of boots, but where are the other shoes?  Maybe they are at the very end of the closet on the left hand side of the picture.  It’s hard to tel, but I want to see more.

The Reality
When you look at the solid wood, the molding, the drawers, the under cabinet lighting and the mirrored cabinets this would be a very HIGH dollar closet.  A similar look could be achieved by meeting with a local closet design company like More Space Place or looking at IKEA.  Closet designers often have different types of solid wood or laminate that they can use in your closet for a fraction of the price of a high dollar solid wood.

Thanks for indulging in Ralph Lauren’s closet with me.  What is your favorite part of his closet?

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