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Dream Closet – Miley Cyrus

by Angela On January 13, 2012

Okay, you are really going to have to stay with me for a minute on this one, I know the thought of Miley Cyrus might not hold your interest, but stick with me.

I’m always in search of Dream Closets, and it’s been fun sharing “celebrity” dream closets with you.  So when my amazing and patient assistant Anna and I ran across this one we had to laugh a little.  Then Anna pointed out that this would actually be pretty easy to replicate.  She was right!  So I’m going to dish the good, the bad,  and the unrealistic about Miley’s closet.

The Good:

Love the color pallet!  If you have a teen, a tween, or a 7 year old this color palette would be a great one that could hold for a few years.  Black and white never go out of style, so you will always be able to find accessories.  Keep your eyes open for my upcoming posts on my girls’ playroom makeover reveal for more ideas on this color palette! You can find some fun accessories at Pottery Barn Teens.

The shoe shelves!  Okay this is the brilliant piece in this closet!  If your closet is lacking storage or just too small, consider adding a shoe shelves similar to these!  You can find something similar at Pottery Barn called the Studio Wall Shelf .  You also consider one from World Market.   I love this idea!  Perfect for shoe overvflow in a stylish and fun way.

Of course you know (if you read my blog) that I love a chair or stool in the closet!

Also, a full length mirror is a MUST!

Wall Art.  Even the wall would be super easy to recreate!  A simple coat of paint (I recommend a paint with the primer already in it so you only have to paint one coat) and repeating some vinyl wall art.  I found a similar chandelier at

The Bad:

The only thing I don’t like about storing shoes like this is that they will need to be dusted.  Sad but true.

The Unrealistic:

Let’s face it, this is a pretty big “closet” and all we see is shoes!  Where are the rest of her clothes?  Maybe she has another closet for that?  To the common person a closet this size dedicated solely to shoes is not a reality.  But that’s why this is a dream closet!

As you can see there are lots of things I love about Miley’s closet!  Thanks for hanging in there with me!  I told you it would be fun!

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