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Where to Recycle Phone Books

by Angela On December 29, 2011

One of the most common questions I get is where do I recycle phone books? That’s a great question because many local paper and cardboard recycling centers do not accept phone books. But during the month of December when the new phone books come out that is typically the only time, at least here in Central Texas, when you can recycle your old phone books. Many local grocery stores have large “garbage bin” style dumpsters set up at the end of a parking lot where you can drop off your old phone books. But, time is very limited on these, they typically only stay out for a few weeks and then they are gone till next year. So dig up those old phone books and take them while you can.

Pictured above is a bin I found at a local H-E-B grocery store.

If you have phone books and the recycling bins have been packed up and moved away, Keep America Beautiful recommends that you call 1-877-88RECYCLE (1-877-887-3292).

Good luck!

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