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More Gift Wrap Organizing

by Angela On December 7, 2011

This month I am bringing you lots of tips and ideas to help you get your gift wrap center organized. Here are a few ideas I found to organize ribbon. (Click any image to view its source.)

Spools of ribbon stacked and organized on a paper towel dispenser.

This is so clever, who knew there were so many ways to use a paper towel holder? I love this idea from Real Simple. This is especially handy during the busy holiday season. If you don’t have enough space to keep it out all year you may just want to use this idea to keep everything wrangled while you have a lot of gifts to wrap.

Spools of ribbon stored on a hanging pants holder.

Another great gift wrap organizing idea! I LOVE this idea! Store small spools of ribbon on hanging trouser organizers, and gift tags and decorative pieces in a hanging accessory bag. This is the best use of a trouser/pant hangers I have seen. I normally do not recommend these hangers for pants, but they are great for ribbon.

I have seen ribbon boxes at several stores, those are boxes with pre-cut holes that you can stick the ribbon out of while keeping the ribbon in place. But the problem with those boxes is that you often get a variety of sizes of ribbon and the ribbon doesn’t always line up with the holes. So fellow blogger Spunky Junky came up with the fantastic idea. Use these white plastic boxes that are inexpensive and can be found at many big box stores like Target and Walmart. Simply insert the ribbon on a small dowel and place inside the box and the put the end of the ribbon through the nearest hole! I like this because there are so many holes you can fit several spools of ribbon, especially the thin ribbon.

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