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Gift Wrap Organizing Part 5

by Angela On December 28, 2011


Now that the holidays are over, here are a few final unique ideas for gift wrap storage.

Pictured above is a great idea for long-term gift wrap storage solution.  Use galvanized wire or twine and a few screws to turn your unused closet ceiling space in to a handy gift-wrap storage area.  Thanks to Frank Farm for this idea! Love the use of this often forgotten space!

Here is another unique idea to store lots of gift wrap in a nice compact area.  Use the Rationell Varirera plastic bag dispenser from Ikea.  This can also be used to store large pieces of paper or scrapbook paper.  Thanks to the blog Gall-erry from Germany for this fabulous idea!

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Do you have a unique or fun way you are storing your gift wrap?  Or have you created a gift wrapping station that would make us drool?  I’d love to see it.  Go to my “contact form” and send me a note!

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