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Dream Closet – Will & Grace

by Angela On December 9, 2011

I used to love the show Will & Grace, so I think these photos are hysterical.  I love the first one of Jack in awe over Karen’s shoe collection!  I’m not sure what would be better: having enough shoes to fill an entire wall or having enough space to dedicate an entire wall to shoes?!  So YOU may not have an entire wall to dedicate to shoes but what can we take away from this picture?  The biggest thing I say is group first by category then by color.  By category I mean sandals, boots, heels, wedges, dressy, sneakers, etc.  So gather up all your sandals put your flats together then put the black ones together, the metallic ones together, the tans ones together, and so on.  This way when you need a brown sandal you know exactly where to look.

Take away number 2.  Every dream closet needs a full length mirror!  That’s right, you can’t see if you’re a fashion “Do” or a fashion “Don’t” unless you have a full length mirror.  If you can’t fit one in your closet it needs to be very close by so you can see what you really look like.  I have a friend who is a wardrobe consultant and this is one of the biggest things she tells her clients!  You must have a full length mirror!

So what’s on your must have list for a “Dream Closet”?

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