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Dream Closet – Kaylee DeFer

by Angela On December 30, 2011


Wow!  I’m so excited I found a celebrity dream closet that is actually within most people’s reach!  This week’s Friday organizing eye candy is the closet of Kaylee DeFer from Gossip Girl.  I’m sure you must be thinking I’m a huge Gossip Girls fan since this is the second closet I have posted from Gossip Girl in the last 30 days, but I have actually never seen the show.  I just keep running across awesome closets related to that show!

As you can probably tell this is an Elfa closet from The Container Store, which just so happens to be on sale right now.  Here’s the break down of what I like about this closet.

Hangers. As you can see in the top row Huggable Hangers were used.  I like these hangers because they are coated with a velvet like material that keeps your clothes from sliding off the hangers.  Keeping the hangers the same color and style also helps make the closet look more organized because the hangers are uniform.

Elfa Shelves. I have used many Elfa shelving systems in my home and with clients and what I love about them is the versatility!  These are especially great in children’s and teens closets whose size and styles are constantly changing or for people who really like to change things up a lot.  The Elfa line from The Container Store is also versatile in price offering a variety of shelving options in varying price points and best of all, if your needs change you can always add more.

Variety of Storage. Last but not least I love how this closet has different types of storage, this is one of the things most closets lack!  Of course they have bars for hanging but they also have shelves where they stored the fabulous handbags, and on the far right you can barely see some drawers.  Most closets do not have drawers and have sparse shelving.  It’s great to have such variety!

I hope you enjoyed today’s organizing eye candy!  Now run out to The Container Store and take advantage of their sale!


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