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Dream Closet – Gossip Girl

by Angela On December 16, 2011

Dream, dream, dream…dream, dream, dream.  Is this the closet of your dreams?  I love to take inspiration from many different places.  So even if you find a closet from a TV show like Gossip Girl it can still provide some closet inspiration.

Of course the wall of shoes is always impressive and coveted, but I also like all the drawers on the left.  Those are perfect for jewelry,  accessories, and more!   Personally I love the color combination for the cream with the light blue accents. I also like the little cubbies in the middle for handbags.  Last but not least, I like how they use the storage boxes at the bottom of the closet.  Most of us run out of drawer space and this is the perfect way to add some storage.  It’s quick, simple,stylish, and SO useful!

What is your favorite part of this Gossip Girl’s closet?


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