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Uh Oh…My Computer Scare!

by Angela On November 2, 2011

Last week I told you that October is Cyber security Awareness month and that I would fill you in on my story.

What’s that old saying?  “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of…”  Well in relation to your computer, it’s definitely worth the time it would take you to fix your computer.  A few weeks ago I started to notice one of our computers was acting odd.  One morning I walked into my office and found the computer was on, even thought the day before I know I had turned it off.  I then of course tried to turn it off and found that was the problem – the computer would not shut down.   I had to manually hit the off button.  So I called Laurie, who had been referred to me by a friend. Laurie came over and worked on all three of my computers.  She updated, got them all protected with a software she recommended, and cleared off a virus from my computer that was not turning off.  Of course…just as you might suspect, when Laurie came the computer had no problem shutting off for her!  Isn’t it funny how that works?

So about a week later I turned the computer on and it started making this screeching beeping sound.  I instantly shut the computer down and restarted it. So then I brought in my husband in and asked him if he knew what it was.  He did not, but opened the computer up and started jiggling things and banging around.  Hmmm…this was going nowhere fast.  So I thought about Laurie and gave her a call.  I left her a message telling her what was going on and held the phone so she could hear the screeching beeping sound.

Minutes later Laurie called me back and said “whatever you do, DO NOT turn the computer off, your hard drive is about to die”!  She told me to make sure everything was backed up before I turn it off and that once I turned it off it would likely not come back on.  Fortunately, this is not my main computer, it’s the computer my assistant uses when she is in the office so I didn’t have much on it but I DID have some very vital documents on this computer.  So we did back up the documents we did have.  The entire ordeal was quite nerve racking.  I was so grateful to have Laurie’s advice at that moment when I needed it most!

Above is a picture of the old dead computer sitting on top of some of the new computer boxes.

Laurie had mentioned she had a list of the computers she recommends and she sent those over.  I reviewed them and just this week I got my brand new computer!  I’m so excited!  My new computer will take the place of my old CPU and my assistant will use my old CPU. Fortunately I do backup my main computer with an external hard drive here at home and with an online backup site.

Are you ready to see what you could do to better protect your family computer?  After working with Laurie I was so impressed with her skill and knowledge that I interviewed her to pick her brain.  You can purchase this audio Security in a Digital World, which is the first of my POSH Audio Interview Series by clicking here.  Or visit Laurie’s blog to get more tips for keeping safe during Cyber Security Month.

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