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Style Tips From Carson Kressley

by Angela On November 4, 2011

Fall has officially arrived in Austin, Texas, and from what I hear, winter has unofficially arrived in other parts of the country. With the change in the temperatures for many people so comes the tradition of flipping the closet. Moving out last season’s clothes and clearing way for all the fun stuff you haven’t seen in months! It’s like shopping in your own closet because everything seems new and fresh!

This past Wednesday I attended the Austin Women’s Conference and had a rare chance to be on the front row during Carson Kressley’s Keynote presentation –Finding Your Personal Style. I’m going to share some of the points Carson made that I thought would help you as you go through your closets this season.

Color: Carson said color is the most important aspect in the wardrobe! Did you hear that? Don’t drown yourself in black. Carson said adding color to your wardrobe can be as simple as adding a bright yellow belt. So as you’re reorganizing your closet this weekend you can put your clothes in color order (see my previous post Organize Your Clothes by Color of the Rainbow ) and see how many colors you have and which colors really look good on you and which ones you should donate.

Invest in Classics and Choose Trends Wisely: Carson warned us not to be “that” person who purchases every new trend piece for the season and then tries to wear them all at the same time! Ha, ha! Can’t you just envision that in your mind?! He said when it comes to trends often times very few people can pull them off, so choose the ones that work for you and don’t worry about the rest.

Size and Fit: Carson said to get rid of all the stuff that doesn’t work for you! Yeah! Of course you knew I would love that one! Carson said you should not hold on to clothes that are too small even if they are clothes you want to get into because every time you pick up that piece of clothes you will get depressed about how it doesn’t fit. Carson also said: “clothes are a tool to make you feel better about yourself not to bring you down”. The key here is to keep what makes you happy and feel and look good.

I hope that gives you a little inspiration as you work on your closet this weekend! You can find more on Carson at his web-site.

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