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Kids Work Zone Part 2 – Paper Supplies

by Angela On November 11, 2011

My, oh my, how do we deal with all the kids art and school  supplies? This has been an ongoing conundrum for me in my house.  No, I’m not just exaggerating you are going to see proof positive of my organizing nightmare…my own NOT working kids work zone!  No, I’m not perfect and my kids aren’t either and when you don’t set up something that really addresses your needs, chaos will happen.  So after thinking, and thinking, and thinking, and even more thinking about how we could solve our problem I finally came up with a solution.  Here’s how I did it.

Identifying the Problems:

Problem #1. My husband works from home most of the time, generally at the kitchen table.  He actually DOES have a real office in an office building, but the kitchen table is his preferred work place.  So we need a place for him to keep his calendar, notes, computer when not in use, notepads, and some files.

Problem #2. My kids also “work” in the kitchen on their art projects, homework, games, etc. and things were ending up on the floor, the kitchen table or overflowing on their little white table.  It was an organizers worst nightmare!

Finding the Solution:  I knew we need storage space.  Things were not getting put away because there was simply not a place to put things away.   So I grouped all like items together.  All the coloring books, all the kids’ homework materials, all the loose drawing and construction paper, my husband’s work stuff, etc.  I weeded out anything that was in bad shape or we just did not need.
I evaluated what I had left and took measurements of the space under the window.  Plan in hand I headed to IKEA.  I purchased the Expedit Bookcase, which is one of the most versatile pieces on the market.  I added the white storage boxes from IKEA and the turquoise magazine holders and drawer from The Container Store.

These magazine holders are labeled: Activity Books (which includes Paper dolls), Marker/Paint Books (Color Wonders etc.), Ben (husbands stuff).  Box to the right is titled: Ben’s Work.  To the far right you can see the writing supplies and Artwork Zone I showed you yesterday.

Kids projects box for any unfinished craft projects, Lego projects, etc.

This is the most used section of our zone: Craft Paper (blank paper, construction paper, etc.), Coloring Books, and Studies (homework spirals, homework guides, flash cards etc.).

Ahhh….I am breathing easier now that we have finally got this under control!  Let me know what you think about our transformation.

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2 Responses to “Kids Work Zone Part 2 – Paper Supplies”

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  2. Melda Mansfield says:

    Keep up the great quan, you are really a mentor for me and for the community….be blessed …

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