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Gift-Wrap Organizing

by Angela On November 30, 2011

An organized shelf area with gift wrap suspended on tension rods and ribbons in boxes.

Tension rods in a shelf organizing system.

The holidays are knock, knock, knocking at our door so what better time to get your gift wrap organized?  I’ve found some great examples of gift wrap organization and inspiration.   I’ll share my favorite tips  and over the next few weeks I’ll post a tip a week on gift wrap solutions.

Pictured above is a gift wrap center from Better Homes and Gardens (BHG).  I love the clever use of the tension rods in this system!  These are easy to install and you don’t have to worry about damaging your walls!  You should be able to find tension rods at your local hardware  store.  Use the shelves above to store ribbon as pictured or get slightly larger decorative boxes to store tissue paper, gift tags, or gift bags.  You could also use the drawers below the gift wrap for extra supply storage.

Photo of an over-the-door hanger holding rolls of gift wrap and ribbons neatly organized.

If you keep up with my blog you know I’m obsessed with using the back of the door to organize.  I think a few years ago I called it doorganizing!  The picture above is also from BHG but this one uses a  behind the-door organizer.  I like this idea because this is more realistic in most homes.  Unfortunately most people cannot dedicate an entire closet to gift wrap but they can dedicate the back of a door.  I like how the tissue paper is hung over one of the rods.  If you are loving this you can find this  product from the  Chefs web-site.  It is actually designed and sold for the pantry and contains 6 adjustable shelves, in the picture above it looks like they removed 1-2 or the shelves.  Again, love this because you can hang it over the door.  One problem is that the rack does not appear to be secured at the bottom. You can try some large 3M Command Cord Bundlers on each side on the bottom to try to hold it in place.

Photo of a door with bars mounted on it, suspended from which are rolls of wrapping paper and baskets of ribbon and scissors.

Here is another behind the door organizing project from the blog A Brooklyn Limestone in Progress.  She used the IKEA Bygel rail system.  This should be a pretty easy and inexpensive project.  The empty space you see in the top bar has hooks hanging from it which could be used to hang gift bags.  You could also add another bar at the bottom of the door for extra storage.

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I’ll have more gift wrap organization and inspiration coming next week.  Is your gift wrap center an organized vision of beauty?  I’d love to see it and possible share it on my blog.  Go to my comment page and send me a note! Hmm…all these fabulous ideas have my brain thinking how I can improve my own gift wrap center!  We’ll see!

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