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Getting Organized for the Holidays –Part 2 Guest Bathroom

by Angela On November 21, 2011

The countdown has started!  The guests will be here soon!  So what do you need to have to make your guest bathroom welcoming and accommodating for your travel weary guests?  Here’s my quick punch list of what you need.

To clean: The tub, the toilet, towels, floors, rugs, mirrors.  Timeline: This can be done 2-3 days in advance.  You can hold off putting the fresh towels out till the evening before guest arrive if you have children who might get their sticky fingers on them.

The Bare Minimum:
1.    Bath towel for each guest, hand towel for each guest, wash cloth for each guest.

The Basics:
1.    Fresh bar of soap for each guest (the mini hotel soaps are good for this), body wash
2.    Shampoo and conditioner
3.    Cotton balls
4.    Q-tips
5.    New toothbrush
6.    Toothpaste
7.    New disposable razor

The Extra Mile
1.    Hair dryer
2.    Makeup remover
3.    Extra contact case
4.    Mouth wash
5.    Body lotion
6.    Hand lotion
7.    Baby wash (soap/shampoo combo)
8.    Non-slip mat in the tub is always a plus especially if your guest have children
9.    Nail clippers
10.    Nail file/disposable emery board
11.    Scissors (you never know)

Gather supplies in a basket and keep under your bathroom sink or on the counter depending on how large your guest bathroom is.  If you do not have space in the guest bathroom consider placing in the guest room, a linen closet, or coat closet.  Just be sure to let your guest know where the extra items are located.

This will save you time and your guest from having to come in and ask you “I forgot my toothbrush, do you have an extra”.

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