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Getting Organized for the Holidays –Part 1 Guest Room

by Angela On November 17, 2011

The guest room is often the dumping grounds in our homes.  This is the place where gift wrap, holiday decorations, old or out of season clothing, and craft projects are often stored.  If you’re having holiday guest and your guest room is a mess here are a few tips.

Clear the clutter: Depending on what you have in your guest room this could be a matter of a few short hours or an entire weekend project. Use this as an opportunity to finally let go of those old dishes your mother gave you that you never really loved.  Clear the decks and have some open space!  You’ll feel great about it.  If you want to completely redecorate you guest room be sure to plan painting the room at least 2-4 weeks or more prior to your guest arrival.

Dust and vacuum: Let’s be honest here, most guest rooms are not used on a day to day basis so the chances are your guest room will need a good once over.  So clear the cobwebs from the corners, make sure to dust all hard surfaces, and sweep or vacuum the floor.

Wash the linens a week in advance to bring a fresh but not overwhelming scent to the room.

Timeline: Aim for having your guest room ready 4-5 days in advance.  This way you can really focus on other areas in the last few days before the guest arrive.

You may be asking yourself isn’t a guest room just a guest room?  So what makes a great guest room?  Here’s my list of what you need from the bare minimum to the extra touches.

The Bare Minimum:
1.    Bed. This could be a real bed, inflatable, futon, chair and a half (pictured below), or even a  Murphy Bed-pictured above.  This will depend on how much space you have.
2.    Extra pillows and blankets

The Basics:
1.    Room in a closet to hang clothes with empty hangers
2.    Room in drawers if possible
3.    A place to put luggage- under the bed, in the closet, on a luggage rack
4.    Bedside table
5.    Alarm clock, lamp, tissues
6.    Trash can

The Extra Mile
1.    Welcome to Our Home Book.  Include: password to connect their computer to your wireless network, instruction for turning on the TV and cable system or anything else they may need to know, list of nearby restaurants, list of local attractions or events.
2.    Basket- with water and snacks in case your guest gets the late night munchies
3.    Robe and slippers
4.    Reading material-books and magazines
5.    Fresh flowers
6.    Scented candle

Get your guest room ready in advance will help you rest easy and more time to get the important things done on the last few days before the busy holiday!

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