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Getting Organized for the Holidays – Part 3 Kitchen

by Angela On November 23, 2011

There is so much to do in the kitchen this time of year so here is my super quick checklist of what you need in the kitchen as you prepare for the holiday.  I’m sure this checklist will grown and you will find your own things to add, but this will help you get started.

Thanksgiving Kitchen Checklist

Paper & Cleaning

  1. Extra  dish soap for doing all those dishes after the feast
  2. Lots of fresh dish towels for drying all those dishes after the feast
  3. Lots of paper towels
  4. Good supply of plastic zip top baggies to store yummy holiday leftovers
  5. New box  of aluminum foil for covering the turkey and for leftovers
  6. Paper/plastic cups, plates, utensils, and napkins


  1. Recipes.  Pull them out and read through them double checking to cooking and prep times
  2. Make a list of any ingredients you need
  3. Other meals. Pick up extra snacks, breakfast, or lunch items if you will have company staying
  4. Drinks.  Don’t forget to add drinks to your shopping list
  5. Gather everything you need for one recipe in a shopping bag so it’s ready to go


  1. Gravy boat
  2. Serving bowls and platters
  3. Serving spoons, forks
  4. Pie servers
  5. Hot plates, crock pots, chaffing dish
  6. Table clothes and napkins
  7. Plates/China: Dinner, salad, and dessert
  8. Flatware/Silverware

Click here for a free downloadable version of my checklist!

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