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What Was Your Favorite Part of the Day

by Angela On October 16, 2011

Sunset from the Oasis in Austin

Every night when I’m tucking my girls into bed I ask them “what was your favorite part of the day?”.  It’s always fun to hear what they really enjoyed each day.  After a while I also started asking them “what was your least favorite part of the day?” or “was there anything you didn’t like today?” for my youngest.  I found this question to be a very important one.  I really LOVE hearing what their favorite part of the day is and sometimes it’s many things.  But, the least favorite part tends to give me more important clues into things that might be bothering them or things we might need to talk about.  I have found these two simple questions create better discussion than the standard “how was your day today sweetie?” type question.

This being said, it took me by surprise when my oldest daughter asked me one night “what was your favorite part of the day Mom?”  “Uh… I don’t know” I said.  I was actually so surprised I had never really given this any thought.  It was almost like I forgot I could have a favorite part of the day too.  Sometimes as parents we are so busy volunteering at our children’s school, working, taking kids to after school activities, making diner, helping with homework, and more that we forget we are important too.

So the next night I was prepared.  I thought about it throughout the day and gave her a real honest answer (and one she had actually heard me say many times before) and that was:  “sitting on the swing watching the sunset with you”.

So what was your favorite part of the day today?

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