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This Mom’s Tip for Working with Kids in the Kitchen

by Angela On October 12, 2011

Funny how these tips are always inspired when my husband is not around. Ha, ha. I am very fortunate that my husband is around most of the time to help with the night-time routine. But there are times when he is not and I have to do it all, like many parents out there who have to do it all on their own every day. So, in these situations I seem to really look for ways to streamline the dinner process without having to resort to take-out.

Here’s my story.
Last night it was me and my girls and it was time to get dinner ready. On the menu was Ravioli Caprese. First time saving tip: We bought a rotisserie chicken the day before and had chicken, sweet potatoes and salad, then used just ½ a cup of the chicken for today’s recipe. It’s a nice way to use one chicken for two dinners. Second time saving tip: we cheat a little with the recipe and use won-ton wrappers instead of making the dough. I found them in the produce section (in the refrigerated section) in my grocery store.

My girls were restless and hungry and they love to help in the kitchen. So I started giving them little things to do (third time saving tip). My youngest was helping to mix the filling for the ravioli; I would add the ingredients and she would dump them into the bowl and mix. My older daughter was gathering ingredients and measuring cups, etc. for the sauce. Then the girls took turns laying out the dough/won-ton wrappers and sealing the ravioli. The girls LOVED it and we were done much quicker than if I would have done it all myself!

Finally, the ravioli’s were almost ready and I really wanted to make a salad but thought that it would take too long to get all our salads together, so ***Bright Idea*** I asked them if they wanted to build their own salad. Of course they screamed “YES!.” So, (fourth time saving tip) I had them get everything out while I finished getting the last raviolis out of the pot. It was so helpful!  You can see their salads on the left and our salad bar in the photo at the top of the page.

My final time saving tip is that when we were all finished eating I asked the girls to put the salad bar away and they did!

So that’s my story…what’s yours? I would love to hear how you are getting your kids involved in your kitchen to help save you a little time. Write a comment below or post to the POSH Space Facebook page.

Happy Cooking!

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