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Kids Work Zone Part 1-Writing Supplies

by Angela On October 26, 2011

If you have children then you know how many different types of crayons, markers, pencils, pens, and more they can have.  To tell you the truth, it’s a little crazy!  The system I set up for my girls last year has not been working at all.  So it was back to the drawing board.

I had purchased this super cute (yes, I actually said “super cute”) utensil caddy from Target last summer.  I was so excited to find it because I had been looking for a solution for this for quite a while AND it was the perfect color!  This was going to go in our kitchen where my girls have their own small work table.  After using it I quickly realized why this was NOT a good solution.  The caddy had these horizontal bars and the pencils and markers would often slide right out spilling onto the floor or table.  Other times the pens would simply get stuck in the slats and drag along the table.

After months of using this broken system my next attempt was trying a box.  I put all the crayons, markers, pencils etc. into a box in our new “Kid Work Zone” (pictures coming of that next week in Part 2 so stay tuned).  That lasted about a few days before I realized that it was also not working.  It was WAY too much work and too many steps for my busy kiddos to get their things in and out of.

To the drawing board once again!  Next, I grabbed this cute little double utensil caddy I had purchased a few months back to use for birthday parties and summer entertaining.  I found it at Joann’s Fabrics.  It was perfect for markers and crayons and easy for my kids to grab and go.

Then I went to The Container Store and purchased this white pencil cup for the many kinds of pencils and a matching notepad holder for the miscellaneous packages of specialty crayons etc.

All in all we are much happier campers. The kids can easily grab what they need and put it back much easier! And that makes me one happy, organized mom!  If you have not realized already, even an organizer can get challenged by things!  I often tell my clients to try something and if it doesn’t work then try something else.  But the point is not to get discouraged and feel like a failure, but to keep trying till you find the right solution.

I’d love to hear from you.  What are you doing to keep your kiddo’s writing supplies wrangled?

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