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Closet Envy–Tips to Get Your Dream Closet

by Angela On October 14, 2011

Photo Credit: Angel Chevrestt

Do you ever find yourself dreaming about Carrie Bradshaw’s dazzling closet from the movie “Sex and the City”?   Well for one woman, Carrie’s closet is her dream come true.   I just ran across this article from the New York Post on how “Sex and the City” set designers Lydia Marks and business partner Lisa Frantz designed a replica of Carrie Bradshaw’s walk-in closet for a client in Long Island.  That’s right, there is a real woman out there living with one of the most coveted closets.  It’s like closet nirvana!  With a price tag of $175,000 you may not be able to duplicate Carrie’s closet, but let’s see what little gems we can take away from the closet of all closets.
1.    Before you can figure out what your dream closet will look like be sure to reduce or purge what you don’t need and then take an inventory of what you have.  The New York Post article states “Before building the closet, Marks and Frantz had measured and inventoried every item of the client’s wardrobe to create an individual space for it.”

2.    Everything has its place.  When everything has a place to go, there is no need to clutter up counters because you don’t know where to put something.  “Sunglasses have their own drawers with specially sized compartments, and even the vanity was designed to accommodate specific hair dryers, curling irons and flat irons,” Marks said.
3.    Quality is key.  If you are really trying to build your dream closet try to choose quality items that will last.  You would hate to spend a lot time and money into something that will look shabby in a few months.  “you want to consider the quality and longevity of everything you bring in,” said Marks”
So what does your dream closet look like?  You have to start with a vision.  Would it be wood tones,  white, or painted a bold color? Would it have drawers and shelves?  Wooden hangers?  Post a comment below and share what would make up your dream closet.

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