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The Real Simple Life

by Angela On May 10, 2011

How simple a life can you live? I was watching the show The Human Planet the other night and was intrigued by a story of a family that lived in the Himalayan Mountains. The family lives in a village that is inaccessible for six months out of the year due to snow and ice. If you want your children to attend school past elementary, you must take them 50 miles to the nearest school. It is a six day walk along a frozen river, and the children will stay at the school for six months.

So how does this relate to organizing or living a simple life? Although the story was very interesting, what caught my eye was that the children who would be gone for six months only had a single backpack. That is impressive! I realize that we live in an entirely different world here in the USA, but it is still fascinating to see people living a life with so few possessions–a life were you can fit everything you need for your six month trip in a single backpack.

Is there a way you can simplify your possessions? Is having more always better?

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