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The Healing Power of Women

by Angela On April 16, 2011

There must be something in the water or maybe it’s a seasonal thing.  But lately I have heard from more friends and family who are getting sick or injured.  My yoga instructor took a tumble and injured her knee and shoulder, my beautiful and very active mother discovered she has several knee problems/injuries and may not be able to exercise the way she used to, a dear friend was in and out of the hospital for months due to a car accident and the resulting surgeries, a sweet and beautiful aunt found out she has cancer, another friend has two brain tumors, and two friends are walking around with air boots on due to foot/ankle injuries, just to name a few! 

But what amazes me about all these beautiful women it their resilience.  Some of these things are minor and some are much more serious, but I am amazed at how these women push on.  They aren’t letting these injuries and illnesses hold them back.  It’s almost as if some of them have decided: “I am bigger than YOU, illness, and I will beat you.  Don’t you get in my way!” 

To all these amazing, beautiful women in my life my heart goes out to you; I salute you; I gain strength from you; and give strength to you.  This is my tribute to you. 

Stay amazing, stay strong, you are an inspiration, you are beautiful.

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