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My goal is to help people create a space that supports them, mentally, physically, and aesthetically. When you are free from the chaos you have the capacity to create more of what you want.

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Spring Break Organizing Challenge

by Angela On February 18, 2011

I recently wrote an article Getting Started is the Hardest Part, which has served as a great inspiration for me personally. Over the weekend I started working on some projects in my own house. I had some boxes of mementoes from college, my wedding, my daughter’s births, et cetera (yes, even organizers are human and have some mementoes). The mementoes were all neatly tucked away in boxes and most people would never have known they were there, but I wanted to start using the space for some other projects. So after years of keeping these things and years of not wanting to take the time to deal with this old stuff I dove in! Things I never thought I would get rid of I was tossing into the recycling bin. It was great! And as I mention in Getting Started is the Hardest Part, it really wasn’t that bad once I broke the ice and just got started.

What have you been putting off that you can get started on this month? I am starting a three week challenge to help you AND me get our projects done before Spring Break! Are you in? Join the conversation on our Facebook page. I can’t wait to hear about your progress!

Here’s to getting started!

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