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What Motivates You?

by Angela On January 18, 2011

Axl from The MiddleI often tell people that the key to getting someone to get rid of clutter is to find what motivates that person. Commonly I tell people that there are typical things that motivate people to get rid of the clutter like money, giving to a good cause, or finding a good home for something. But there is always someone who none of these things work. I’m very interested in learning about what motivates people. So one night when I was watching an episode of The Middle I had to laugh at what motivated the teenage boy Axel. He is notoriously lazy. He hardly lifts a finger around the house and typically drinks directly from the milk carton.

In this particular episode Axel goes to work at the movie theater to find he has a beautiful new manager. He tries to impress her by being early and showing her the ropes. He quickly realized that he is doing more work than she is, she is always late, and doesn’t know what she is doing. First it was all about impressing the pretty boss, then it changed into him taking ownership in the theater. He knew she wouldn’t be there on time so he had to. When there wasn’t someone to make the decision he had to do it himself. In the end he learns the lesson that just because a girl is pretty that’s not all that matters.

I love this because in the show Axel’s parents are always trying to get him to do things. And once he found something that motivated him, it was like a switch went off. So what do you want in this New Year? What will motivate you to get it? What can be the thing that will make a switch go off for you or someone you know?

I’d love to hear your New Year’s resolutions.

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