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Send New Year’s Cards

by Angela On December 16, 2010

If the season is getting the best of you and you don’t’ know how you are going to get the shopping done, the holiday cards out, and bake a holiday meal.  Then you may want to consider sending out a New Year’s card instead of a traditional Christmas card.  I have made this a tradition in my household for many years now.  It gives me the chance to really reflect on the end of one year while saving a bit of time during the mad rush of December.

I have also received many comments from friends and family who like that they receive my card in January because they don’t just glance at it and throw it in a stack with the other cards.  They have a chance to look at the card and enjoy it more.  One year I even sent Valentine’s cards!  People loved it!

If you have too much to do right now then consider sending out your cards after the holidays.  I have also started using Send Out Cards which has been amazing.  I can create my cards on my computer including photos of my kids, sign it with my signature and then click a button and the cards are sent.  I don’t have to hand address the cards, go to the post office, or even put stamps on the cards.  It’s a beautiful thing!

So give yourself a break this year and if your cards have not gone out yet, consider waiting until December 30th.

Happy Holidays,

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