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Review: Simply Stashed Pocket System

by Angela On November 3, 2010

This month I received a stylish and functional Simply Stashed system for Christy Design. Now I was really excited about this review because, well, if you follow this blog you know how much I like using over the door organizers. Christy Design has taken the basic behind the door “shoe” organizer and made some fun and fabulous changes.

Simply Stashed Organizers come in three different sizes: The Original Stash, The Mini Stash, and The Variety Stash. I was sent The Variety Stash and The Original Stash to review. So I tried them out in my daughter’s playroom and closet.

Here’s what I thought:

I was a little reluctant to use The Variety Stash with all it’s different sizes simply because I have always used a pocket system that had all the pockets in the same size. This turned out to be just what I need though in my daughter’s closet. Girls have lots of tiny things like lip gloss, bracelets, and items that would normally get lost in a large pocket. But fit perfectly in the smaller sizes of The Variety Stash. There were also plenty of larger pockets for big items.

I also give the product high marks for the construction and hardware. Many of the pockets I have used include flimsy hooks that go over the door which typically don’t lay flat and can keep the door from closing. The Simply Stashed hooks were a wider hook and allowed me to close the door easily. I also liked the wider grommets at the top which allowed me to use 3M Command Hooks to lower the system so my three year old could reach the pockets.

I do have to say the products are also beautiful and fun to look at. I was excited to see the variety of colors and patterns. This is great in a kid’s room or a fun treat behind a boring door!

The only improvement I would make to the product would be to make a full length version so you could get 4-8 additional pockets. That way you could take advantage of the entire back of the door. Or you can use Command Hooks beneath the product hang hats, purses, clipboards, lunch boxes, or other items that would not fit in the pockets.

I give the Simply Stashed Products 5 out of 5 Diamonds! Visit the Simply Stashed web-site to see all the beautiful, fun, and useful products. If you’re not sure how to use a behind the door organizer see some of my previous posts here.

Here’s the fun part. Tell me where you would use a Simply Stashed product by leaving a comment below or on our Facebook Page and you might be our next product review winner. Comments must be received by November 30th.

Good luck,

Copyright (C) 2010 Angela Ploetz, POSH Space

Disclaimer: Angela Ploetz was provided with Simply Stashed products for review purposes and one product to give away. All of the above thoughts, comments, and opinions are those of Angela Ploetz.

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2 Responses to “Review: Simply Stashed Pocket System”

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  2. Kat Jacoby says:

    Thanks for this review! This looks like a great product for my daughter & son-in-law’s apartment in South Korea. Everyone in SK lives in apartments and space is a precious commodity. This will help to keep all the stuff that Grandma sends to Baby Ivy organized! If Simply Stashed markets to the multi-millions who occupy that area of the world, they will rake in the cash!

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