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Embracing Synchronicity

by Angela On November 10, 2010

I love it when things just work out.  When you don’t really have a set plan but everything just lines up like it’s supposed to.  I have experienced synchronicity a lot lately and rather than dismissing it I have been embracing it.  Sometimes it seems easy to just dismiss something because you don’t think you have time to deal with it or it isn’t what you had your mind set on.  But other times an easy path is just laid out in front of you and it’s just as easy to go along with it. 

Now I know what some of you are thinking, “you’re an organizer, aren’t you supposed to tell us we should have every minute of our day planned out?”.  Well, if that’s what you think about me and POSH Space, well you don’t know us at all.  Yes, generally speaking having a plan in place to use as a guide for our day, week, and month is important.  But, one thing that I always tell my clients and groups I’m speaking to is that we have to maintain flexibility and be willing to change our plan.  Unfortunately all the planning in the world cannot predict unexpected things that come up.  So remaining flexible to shift your plan is SO important. 

Synchronicity can show up in many ways from something as simple as going to the grocery store not knowing what you are going to make for dinner and then sampling some delicious dish that the cook is making and viola you have your dinner plan.  Another example could be opening an e-mail from a colleague on one topic that gives you exactly what you needed for another project.  I say go for it!  Embrace these little things to help simplify your life.  If something is presenting itself to you why fight it or delay it. 

Part of what I do as an organizer is to help people simplify their processes.  I have found that often time’s people try to overcomplicate what they are doing in their homes and offices and when that happens, systems often fail.  That is exactly when the clutter starts to accumulate and the piles begin. 

Keep an eye on the opportunities that are popping up in your life.  Are they things that can help make your life easier?  I’d love to hear about it. 

I hope this article on synchronicity comes at the right time for you.  Maybe it is coming just in time for you to make an easy decision. 



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