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Hooks: The Good & The Ugly

by Angela On October 28, 2010

Hooks are a great way to organize a space.  I typically recommend them to parents of teens and children to use to help get kids to hang up bathroom towels, robes, and lunch sacks.  Hooks can be great because they can often help add space in small areas like behind a door or cabinet or high on a wall.  But, many times hooks are expected to do too much. 

I’ve seen spaces where someone lined up a row of 3-5 hooks and each hook was packed with 3 or 4 different types of bags.  Like grocery bags, backpacks, camera bags, pool bags, empty bags, purses, computer bags and more!  This often causes stress because the hook is so over packed with stuff that it looks very messy and unorganized.  It is also difficult to take bags off the hooks that are buried under the jumble of bags.  A hook packed with bags often sticks out 1-2 feet and intrudes into the space.  This is the ugly side of hooks.

So what’s my advice you might be asking?  First, I’m not saying not to use hooks.  I am saying when you use hooks do not pile them with so much stuff that you cannot even use them.  Use hooks for one or two items per hook, especially in active areas of your household like a mud room or pantry.  If you are using hooks as part of your closet or an area where you are not using the items frequently, it might be okay to have a few more items on each hook, but remember if it is too difficult to take the item out and put the item away then it’s not working. 

Hooks can be a fantastic way to get organized but like with all things it’s all about controlling the clutter. 

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