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Closets are Calling: Fall Clothes seek Change!

by Angela On October 20, 2010

The t-shirts have shrunk and the flip-flops have….well, FLOPPED!  It is time to FALL into a new closet!  No need to move, organize, or store things you do not use or wear!  This fall take inventory of what you are not wearing or have not worn and REDUCE, REDUCE, REDUCE!  Here’s some quick and fun tips to help you decide if you should keep it or let it go!

Did not wear it this summer?  REDUCE.  Do not ever want to wear it again? REDUCE!  Does not fit, and never will?  REDUCE.  Worn out?  REDUCE.  Has 3,000 stains on it and not sure why it is hanging in your closet.  REDUCE!   Does last fall’s favorite fitted fawn colored long sleeve t-shirt that makes you look HOT still “do it for ya?  If you are SO over it, REDUCE.  This includes shoes!
Take your reduce piles and sort it into boxes or bags labeled “donate” or “consign” and get them out of your house as fast a possible!  I mean it, the longer it waits in your house the more chances that it might migrate back to the closet.  Put your foot down to unflattering clothes and take it somewhere immediately. 

Remember, one persons “unflattering” can be another person’s “it fits you like a glove!”, so don’t hesitate and donate!

Overwhelmed? Need help? Not sure what to do?  CALL US TO HELP!!  We want to restore peace in your closets and give hope for a fashionable fall!! 

By the way….we love your shoes!


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