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World Upside Down

by Angela On September 28, 2010

Have you seen the World Upside Down PSA from  I think it illustrates exactly how important it is to have an emergency preparedness plan and an easily-accessible disaster kit, especially if you have a family with young children or pets, as disasters often strike just that quickly and unexpectedly.

Maybe it’s not something you’ve given serious thought to.  Or perhaps you keep meaning to go out and purchase the items you need for a kit, but just can’t seem to fit it in to your busy schedule.  Just like being organized, being prepared for disaster is something that just requires a little effort to get started and can make a big difference down the road.  I certainly hope that you’ll never have to make use of your emergency plan, but having one and discussing it with your family could mean the difference between making it through and losing everything.

If you’re not sure where to go to get started, check out or my previous National Preparedness Month posts

Here’s to being prepared,

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