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New Year’s Resolutions Revisited

by Angela On August 26, 2010

Can you believe we are just a few days away from September?  This year has gone by so fast.  I was meeting with a client the other day who expressed a similar feeling.  She told me that at the beginning of the year she had made a resolution to get organized.  When she realized it was August she told herself “I am not going to get to January and still not be organized”.  That’s when she called me. 

Was organizing on your resolution list this year?  Did you reach your goal?  If you have not fully committed to organizing like you intended to the good news is there is still time.  There are still four months left in this year which is plenty of time to tackle an organizing project or two.  You can start the New Year off on the right foot.  Here are three things you can do to get your project going.

1. Choose one area to concentrate on.  Even if you want your entire house or office organized, the reality is that you can’t do it all at one time.  Choose one area or space to concentrate on.  During your project you may have to walk to another room to put something away, but don’t get distracted and start working in that space.  That is a sure fire recipe for disappointment.

2. Time and project size.  Before you start a project try to estimate how many hours it might take, and then increase it by at least a quarter.  When you schedule time to work on the project consider how many hours you have available verses how many hours you think the project might take.  This may seem elementary, but it’s better to begin the project with an idea of how far along you will get rather than thinking you will finish it and then being disappointed when you run out of time. 

When estimating how long a project will take, take these two things into account: first consider how large the space is.  Is it a small linen closet which can take an hour or two or an entire kitchen which can take 7 hours or more depending on the size.  The second thing to consider is how much stuff is in the space.  Using the closet example, is the pantry overflowing?  Are the counters covered with piles of dishes, mail, or random stuff?  Again, this will all effect how long the project will take.

3. Stay focused.  Set a timer to keep you focused and working.  It will give you a goal.  You can even try to “beat the clock” if you are motivated by racing.  Don’t read old letters or magazines as they will only slow you down.  When your space is organized you will be able to find the letters or you can set them aside to read later when you are not “working” on your space.  Don’t take phone calls or check e-mail.  If you have children, consider scheduling a play date for the kid so you can keep focus and utilize the entire time you have set aside.
Again, there is still time to get your space organized this year, it just takes a little focus and discipline, or you can call the POSH Space team and we will be happy to help you. 

Was organization one of your New Year’s resolutions this year?  If so, did you get organized or not? 

I challenge you to get one space organized between now and December 31st?  Who’s in?


Copyright (C) 2010 Angela Ploetz, POSH Space

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