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Get Dorm Ready With Command Hooks

by Angela On August 10, 2010

If your teen is getting ready to head off to college, don’t forget to grab a variety of Command Hooks from 3M. Many dorms and some apartments will not allow the starry eyed co-eds to put nails in the walls, which can be quite limiting. Command Hooks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and with different uses in mind. What makes these hooks unique is the pull away adhesive that is easily removable when needed without peeling off paint or leaving a residue. Here are a few things you can use command hooks for in a dorm or teens space.

1. Towel hooks. Let’s face it–the chances of your teen hanging up a towel on a towel bar are pretty slim. Teens and children are more likely to hang towels up on a hook simply because it is a much easier process. For best results use a large hook like the Décor hook pictured to the left.

2. Picture hanging. Picture hanging strips and hooks are also available which are perfect for turning dull walls into personalized spaces.

3. Cords and wires. When you’re short on space the last thing you need is a wire getting in your way. Keep electronic cords and wires in place with Cord and Wire Clips. The adhesive will stick to a wall, desk, or hard surface floors.

If you are planning on purchasing Command Hooks you can click here for a coupon from 3M.

Three cheers for an organized dorm!


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