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Cool Stuff for Back To School

by Angela On August 5, 2010

I had the very rare pleasure this morning of catching a glimpse of the Today Show.  They were talking about cool back to school items and here are some of the jewels I learned about.  

Dynamic Frames.  Time and time again mom’s ask me “what do I do with my children’s artwork?”.  Well, this amazing frame will give you a place to showcase each master piece and when the new one comes in you simply add the newest version on the top.  Your frame serves as a place to store the old artwork and a place to highlight the new pieces.  LOVE it! 

School Year Organizer from MomAgenda.   Sad but true, many busy moms I meet with just don’t have time to keep up with a scrapbook for their children.  This School Year Organizer gives you a place to put a class picture, report cards, and a sampling of important items from each year your child is in school.  Make it easy on yourself and start the school year off with a place to put all those mementoes that will soon be coming in! 

THE cutest Custom Labels I’ve Ever Seen
Here are two different companies that offer different ways to keep track of your child’s belongings while the kids are away.  Outrageously cute!
EM Tanner Designs.  EM Tanner Designs offers items you can customize with both your child’s name and an image that looks like your child.  Personalized items include:  lunch boxes, water bottles, backpacks, and hairclips. 

Scribbling Club. Scribbling Club also offers custom items you can add your child’s name to or an image that looks like your child.  Personalized items include:  Stamps (stamp the inside of books, notepads, folders, and more), waterproof vinyl stickers (for backpacks and lunch boxes), and bookplates.

WOW!  These are some amazing products.  I hope some of these fabulous ideas inspire you to start getting your organizing systems in place before the school year starts.  What is your biggest challenge related to staying organized during the school year?

Here’s to the organized Mom!

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