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Back to School Success Part 7, Night Before School

by Angela On August 22, 2010

The excitement is building, it’s almost here!  The first day of school!  Here are a few things you can do to get ready the night before school starts.

1. Clothes. Have your child’s clothes laid out the night before school.  This will avoid decision making in the morning. 

2. Lunch. If you are packing a lunch for your child or children get as much done the night before.  Have the lunchbox on the counter and the water bottle or thermos filled up and in the refrigerator.  As for food, have your containers or ziptop baggies on the counter too.  Any non-perishable items can be packed in the lunch box the night before including granola bars, fruit snacks, raisins, chips, even a spoon if you will be packing a yogurt in the morning. 

3. Backpack. Have your student’s backpack ready to go with any school supplies you still need to bring and any forms you need to return to the teacher.  Place the backpack near the door and use this location throughout the school year.  Start the habit now so your child learns to put his or her backpack in the same place.  Start working on the habit of getting everything in the backpack the night before school so homework and forms are always in the backpack before bedtime.

Don’t forget to talk to your children about how they will be getting home on the first day of school as mentioned in Part 5 of this series called Know Your Times.  You may also want to read Part 1 of the Back to School Success Series, Clothes and Part 4 of the series Lunch to get more tips you can use as you prepare this evening. 

Don’t forget to catch Angela on KXAN, Austin’s NBC affiliate tonight at 10 p.m. with a sampling of back to school tips! Here’s the link to the article on KXAN’s site.

Have a great first day!

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