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Back to School Success Part 5, Know Your Times

by Angela On August 19, 2010

With all the hustle and bustle of backpacks and folders don’t forget to have a quick chat with your children about what to expect on the first day of school in relation to the schedule.  Here’s a few tips. 

  1. School start time. Sounds simple but if you have children going to different schools double check what the start time is at each school.  Many schools also have policies regarding what “being on time” means.  For many it may be that your child is seated in the classroom by the start time, not just in the building. Check with your school or schools to find out their specific policy.
  2. Getting home.  Be sure to let the kids know how they are getting home at the end of the day.  This is especially important for kindergarteners or students who are at a new school. Are they riding the bus or is someone picking them up?  Who is picking them up?  Are you walking or driving?  Many schools divide the children into groups based off of how they are being picked up to make this busy part of the day run smoothly.  “Bus riders” go to the bus area.  “Walk-ups” or children whose parents are walking to pick them up go to another section, etc.   Be sure your child knows the plan so there isn’t any confusion on the first day.
  3. General school schedule. At your “Meet the Teacher” night you should be able to ask the teacher what the daily schedule will be.  Let your student know what the general schedule will be for the day.  Let them know when lunch time will be in relation to the general daily schedule.  Let them know if they will have free time, study time, quite time, or recess and generally where it falls in the day.  If your child cannot tell time then tell them it’s before lunch or after lunch.  
  4. Bathroom policy.  Also try to find out what the bathroom policy is.  Is there a bathroom in the classroom? Do they go to a bathroom at a certain time?  Can they request permission to go to the bathroom?  Again, knowing in advance will help prevent a panicked child and accidents. 


Remember communication is key so you and your child don’t feel stressed or lost on the first day of school. 



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